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 Karin E. Hoffmeister

                         *** komm mit mir in BALANCE

WORK WITH ME on the emotional blocks ♥

very uncomplicated from anywhere ... on the phone, mobile phone or via Skype ;-)

You know, for example, that sugar is not good for you ... but you still can't leave it ... because sweet things may comfort you when you feel bad ... ???? .... uuuuups ... right there emotions win over reason! You probably know this or something similar ... 

This is exactly what we are working on, using psychoenergetic techniques based on traditional Chinese medicine - TCM for short - to bring the emotional imbalances behind the symptoms into balance. Because these emotions are the actual hindrances to the success of healthy weight reduction and show up in destructive patterns. 

On the one hand, we use EFT-based tapping acupressure to harmonize the flow of energy in the body-mind-soul system at certain meridian points and to reduce stressful emotions.

Or and

 Use an emotion-code-based technique that names the blockages by testing them and releasing them with the finest electromagnetic impulses and radiesthesia - here, too, I work with a present-day orientation ;-)

Would you like to .... with me

* Simply letting go of destructive emotional eating patterns ??? ♥  

... and with them the saboteurs who encourage you to reward you with food, to comfort, soothe, de-stress, to give presents, to coat, to harmonize ..... ???

* wild food craving monsters

to tame ??? ♥♥♥

Those monsters that make you crave for chips, chocolate, gummy bears and the like, make you suck and gasp ?? whom you have felt defenseless so far ... I am sure you know them ;-)

* The inner one

To take piggy dog ​​on a leash ??? ♥♥♥

The one who prevents you from permanently changing your movement pattern ... or brings the saboteurs on board ... and whispers to you oh come mooooorgen, tomorrow we start ;-)

But please have fun - otherwise it won't work ... because torture was yesterday ;-)

  Well, want to start your weight loss project ???


 Online practice?

* You get great worksheets, tools and tips with which you can continue working on your own

* Exciting humorous sessions on the phone / via video chat or via Skype

in which we knock together or work with a magnet and radiesthesia

* The certainty that EVERY session is tailored to you and your situation -

only in this way can it work best and most effectively ;-)

* You benefit from my own weight loss experience, believe me, with currently minus 38 kg I can share a lot of experience with you :-D


Since I currently have a pure ONLINE practice, it doesn't matter where you live ;-)

Sessions are possible on the phone // mobile phone / WhatsApp Facebook Messenger in video chat or via Skype

if you have any questions just write to me


book a free 20-minute introductory talk ;-)

Book here:

Wellness weight session 60-90 minutes

WhatsAPP on the phone too. You call me ;-)

Duration 60-90 minutes

By booking you confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you have read the terms and conditions

Price: € 60.00


My offers and application suggestions are intended to clarify the energy system, personal development and stimulate the body's own self-healing powers, and do not replace a visit to the doctor, psychologist or naturopath. No diagnoses in the medical sense are made or healing promises made -

Participation / use is your own responsibility!